Bold Springs Veterinary Service

Cattle Producers:

Allow us to be part of your herd management team.  We are here to make you more productive and profitable, not be an added expense! 

Make an appointment and let's discuss appropriate animal handling/husbandry, reproductive management, nutrition, vaccination, or parasite prevention. 

 1100 Henson Ave.
Pearisburg, VA


 (540) 921-1991  


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Jason R. Wall, DVM
Garrett Bailey, DVM
Katy Bailey, DVM





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Bold Springs Veterinary Service provides veterinary service to the communities in southwest Virginia and parts of southern West Virginia.  At our Pearisburg location, Bold Springs offers large animal haul-in facilities and full service companion animal care.  
     We believe in providing quality, practical solutions to any veterinary problem. We believe in superior animal care and excellent client communication.  Our aim is to provide our clients with information and help them decide the best plan of action to reach their goals. 
    Bold Springs Vet Service maintains the philosophy that unless your animals and operations are healthy and successful, we cannot be successful.

Some of the Services provided include:


  • Reproductive management – pregnancy checks, Breeding Soundness Exams, Heifer Repro.
  • Herd Health Management – consulting on vaccinations protocols, parasite control programs and nutrition for cow-calf, backgrounder, stocker operations
  • Facility Design and Low-Stress Handling consults
  • Disease Investigations – individual animal exam and diagnostics, herd outbreak investigations, field necropsy.
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Care for regular clients


  • Health/Preventative Care Programs – vaccinations, parasite control, Coggins testing, nutritional consults
  • Lameness – Exams, Digital Radiographs, Joint injections
  • Dentistry – Exams, floating, extractions
  • Prepurchase Exams
  • Reproductive management – castrations, ultrasound, neonatal foal care
  • Ophthalmic Exams and Procedures
  • Emergency Care for regular clients

Small Ruminant and Camelid

  • Herd Health Management – vaccinations, parasite control, nutritional consults
  • Reproductive Management - Ultrasound, neonatal care including IgG testing, whole blood/plasma transfusions
  • Disease Investigations - individual animal diagnostics and herd outbreak investigations
  • FAMACHA system consults
  • Prepurchase Exams/Pre-travel Testing
  • Emergency Care for regular clients
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